Hello:) i got my first C at chemistry test:( but this weekend was awesome :) we had volleyball competition :) and a girl called majra slept at my home:) i miss her already:( so ham:) on friday we went to ljubljana for majra on saturday we had matches and we won 2 and lost 1:) after it we went home and get ready for ljubljana:) we went in ‘center’ and we had so much fun we sang and we were at mcdonalnds and we talked and laughed. I really get connected to a girl called gaja shes okay:) on sunday we had mach for the first place and we won!!!!!! We were soooooooo happy :) so when i come home i was so tired that i ate and went to sleep:) and i woke up at 1pm haha. Sooo talk to u later my looove haha:)


Hello 2014 bby:D please be gooooood to me :D so ham. This week i have so much stuff going on-.- chemistry, fizika, and music:( tomorrow i have chemistry test and probably also the F. -.- i studied a lot so i hope that i will pass with an A or B:D but i havent studied for the F-.- no time:( so today was boring, a lot:( but on tennis was ok:$$$ theres a guy who trains with me and he is handsome but he has girlfriend and he really loves her:) :( but i dont have some special feelings but today he was talking to me sitting next to me and when we had to go in couples for the mach he said that its the best and the funniest to be with me:)) we were picking tennis balls and i was on my own side and i expected him to go to another:) but he came to my side and he helped me with tenissballs picking and we were so close and talking laughing and then we wanted to grab the same ball and our hands touched so not on pourpess like we do highfive a lot but this is different….. But i know that he loves his gf everything i sad for me he was compering to jer and this is right-.- and i really need to meet someone cuz this puberty makes my feelings for boys crazy haha. So ham on friday the girls from sarajevo are coming and we will have the tournament whole weekend:)) so yap it will be fun:D but first i have long week in front of me. And soooo much stuff going on :( but i hope that my prayers will be listened:) much loooove and omg jelena is baaaaaack!!!!


And here we are, me writing to u on the last day of the year 2013:( so i woke up and get dressed, ate my breakfast and went stuDYING!! I hate that shit!!! So ham. I cant believe that i have someday from justin bieber*_* and yes i can go to my friends house tonight hihi. Im leaving at 9pm*_* so this year for me was hard,tuff,but also full of happyines love and good stuff. Now i can say good bye bad memories the good ones will always stay in may heart:) u to romeo:) i love u bro:) but just as i friend and i miss u:( and ofcourse i miss lots of people:( specially sandra,marusa…:( but hey we will see each other soon, believe!:) soo text u next year:* -fireworkssssssss- 19:32


Hi there. I havent text u for a long time:( telling the truth in was to lazy for doing anything. So ham. The x mas was incredible i really love this time of the year*_* so we visited our relatives and we ate a lot-.- i am so obsessed with carries diaries and with austin butler 💜 i love him hihi:$ today we went shopping and daddy bought me a someday justin bieber perfume and a key from the key perfume omg*_* tomorrow i am goong to a friends house to hang out last time in this year omg the 2014 will bring so much tears,joy,happines, and sadness, london, braces, new phone, first day of high school wooow :) so hope to text u soon love love love:*


Hello. Awh i cant believe that christmas is finaly here:) so am i had school today and when i come home me my mom and sis we cleaned a looooot and than we made some bread for tomorrow. Im now at my grandma house and we had a wonderful xmas dinner. At midnight we are going to go to the church:) yesterday we had a school dance and it was awesome omg it was the best!! We danced and we were having so much fun. Im tired now and im gonna sleep a bit before the church. Believe movie tomorrow omg! Love love love share love:p


Hello. I havent text u soooo long:( i had so much school work to do but now im done i havae great marks :p no more stuDYING for this year:p omg xmas comming soon. So ham.. Today we celebrate my parents birthday :p on monday we have school dance text u later my mom just came home:*


worried and scared

Hey there! i havent text u for a while cuz i have been really bussy-.- nothing intresting happened except that on friday we had sometihng at school and me and my friend stayed there for two hours more then rest-.- but it was funny one kid, my schoolmate waited with us but like he isnt pritty not at all but hmm i like hime on some weird way and i cant realise it. but we are just friends and i hipe that it will stay that way:) i miss my old love thaht i met in summer time. i think that i miss the memories not the person but isn that quiet he same? ok no more my love problems :P lets go to school probems. tomorow i have history test and on thursday math test and yeah on tuesday german test yeaaaah-.- i can can can wait xmas and holidays:) today was the las day of believe tour im happy and sad at the same time-.- sad cuz that was the last show as hm as teenager and happy cuz he is gonna take some rest and the new tour hopefully soon will happen:D oh im just so worried for school this week and i just wanna be in bed all day and be on my computer cuz i feel sick and ill and i dont know what maybe that no one cares about me? this feeling sucks! but u know what i sill have hope that some day it will get better cuz my idol taughed me that i have to believe! believe in your dreams and live your dreams and u will be happy! much love:)


Happy and unhappy

Hey :) oh it was such a boring day at school. when i came fome i wrote my homeword and studied-.-. i have so much going on in school and i cant wait x-mas:) and omg believe 3D *_* and then new year, in february i am going to go in london and i cant waaaaaaait :D and when i come back i will get braces yeah:( im gonna be even more ugly than now-.- so ham im now in 9th grade and in sptember 2014 im going to highschool. am excided and vorried at the same time. But will se how it goes:) now i have to focous on my school and my marks i have only A and B’s in school and its really hard to have such a great marks and tran two sports at the same time. but i enjoy it so it doesnt matter:) now its 7.53 pm and im waiting friends to come over and watch my favourite tv show awkward omg im so obsesed with it realy:) i love that mattie guy un the show haha:D soo text u soon:P

My blog day 2 #3.12.2013


it was just an other boring day, school, and then studying and hanging out with my friend and listening to Justin Bieber ofc. :) Belieber thing:D now its 20.36 pm in my country and im going to watch my favourite tv show Awkward. i love it omg:D and im gonna go to bad late, again-.- tomorrow i have some school competition and then volleyball my love:) and hm. yes i like or liked some guy that he used to like me too well thats what i tought but thats not true. when we werw on camp we spent a great week together, we were huging dancing, talking, smiling but yeah hes like one of the popolar boyzzzz so when the camp finished i was crazy about him and we have never spoken any more-.- i think that i dont like him any more that way but memories are memories :) so im now happily in love with Justin Bieber:D so yeah see u again tomorrow xoxo that girl:)

My blog day 1 #2.12.2012

Nothing special happened this day. I got A on my geography test and i studied german:( i cant wait, today atm music video of justin bieber is comming out im a huge fan of him oh no not fan im a belieer from a very begining:) so amm.. My name is Tina and im tall and i have long brown hair with ombre:) i play volleyball and tennis and in my free time im modeling. I have one beautiful sister :) im gonna write my day again tomorrow and hmm yes im gonna say more about my love and ex:) see again tomorrow i hope:) love biebers girl